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Flake  Ice Machines

Production: 395 lbs/day
Ice: Flake Ice
Price: $3,738
AFE424A - Scotsman 395 lbs Flake Ice Machine
View AFE424A - Scotsman 395 lbs Flake Ice Machine Details
Production: 1,500 lbs/day
Ice: Flake Ice
Price: $5,811
F1522A - Scotsman Prodigy 22\
View F1522A - Scotsman Prodigy 22\
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Flake Style Ice is a snow or flake like consistency. It is great for ice displays such as fish, seafood, sushi, buffets, fruit and cold transport such as meats, fruits and vegetables.

These are also popular in many hospitals especially maternity wards and nursing homes for ice chips. These are high volume ice machines so choose a bin accordingly.

Storage bins, dispensers, water filters and accessories can all be found on the detail pages of each machine.