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Bagged Ice is the highest margin and most profitable item in most supermarkets and convenience stores. Once ice is delivered or produced, the storage location is the key factor in sales. These ice merchandisers should be placed in high traffic areas indoors or out thereby increasing your foot traffic and impacting store sales dramatically. 

Make ice your business. Bagged ice is more than a $1.6 billion dollar business and growing.  With the combination of an icemachine, ice bagger and merchandiser you are on your way to high profits. You can be bagging ice for under $.25* a bag including the investment in the equipment or under $.15* a bag including the operating costs of the equipment. Depending on your sales volume, you can see a ROI in less than a year and is usually under 8 months.  


Return on Investment (ROI) Example:

Scotsman CO322SA + bin + Scotsman Bagger  + Leer Model 65 Merchandiser (glass)
Your total purchases equal approx $6,000 with shipping.

Daily production of 43 bags at a cost of $.15* which includes electricity, water and supplies.  Avg sales price per bag is $2.50 nationwide.
Potential profit per day = $101
YOUR ROI = 59 days which is less than two months. Add ice to your inventory or set up shop and provide ice for others.  We can help you get started including financing which can help make your ice business cash positive from the first day.

If you are looking for a Commercial Ice Merchandiser Freezer for Sale, then Iceandwine.com is where you should be. We can also help you get your ice business off the ground by providing you ice makers and other related products that will boost your ROI.