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Indoor  Ice Merchandisers


View Auto-Defrost Models
View Auto-Defrost Models
450-7901 - LEER - 30 cu ft Indoor Ice Merchandiser
452-7901 - LEER - 40 cu ft Indoor Ice Merchandiser
458-8501 - LEER -85 cu ft Outdoor Ice Merchandiser
444-8701 - LEER - 100 cu ft Indoor Ice Merchandiser

Cold Wall

View Cold Wall Models
View Cold Wall Models
455-7501 - LEER - 60 cu ft Indoor Ice Merchandiser
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These Indoor Ice Merchandisers are not only freezers for your bagged ice, they are also great for business. Ice bags might be the reason for the shopping trip, but ice bags brings people into your store to shop for other items. Aside from being one of the highest margin items in your store, it is a lure to attract shoppers for the other items on their list. 

We offer auto defrost or cold wall models in various sizes to suit your needs. Make your own ice for higher profits or have it delivered. Either way, it is a very profitable item on many levels for your establishment. These ice merchandisers should be placed in high traffic areas thereby increasing your foot traffic and impacting store sales dramatically