Total comfort for your Outdoor needs

  • Outdoor seating,patio or pool
  • Extends your outdoor season
  • Safe and reliable

Home Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters

You have invested significant time and money in your restaurant or even your own backyard, patio, or pool deck. Why should you only be able to enjoy this during prime season. Using a heat lamp can double your time spent outdoors in total comfort. These powerful yet very safe Patio Heaters are adjustable and can maintain a very constant and comfortable temperature outdoors from as much as 20 ft away.

Enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper as soon as spring arrives or when winter sets in. Enjoy outdoor grilling and dining 12 months of the year. We have many models to choose from to meet your needs to living requirements including electric, natural gas or liquid propane. 

Heat things up with an electric patio heater or a propane patio heater from IceandWine.com. We have a variety of models to suit your needs. Call us now and tell us what you need.