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Ice Machines

There are a huge variety of ice machines available for both commercial and residential use. They vary is size and ice production and offer different styles of ice including nugget, cube and flake ice makers. These are produced from different ice makers such as tabletop ice machines, under counter and modular. Most machines can also be couples with a storage bin and ice dispenser. We carry all the major brands such as Scotsman, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic and Bluestone. With so many brands and models to choose from, feel free to ask our expert staff to help size the right ice machine for your use. The most popular uses of an ice machine are in a restaurant, bar, hotel, motel, convenience store, hospital, health-care facility, marina, office or home.

We understand the demands of your business and how important ice has become. Most of our ice machines are shipped within 24 hours and we can reach most destinations between 1-6 days. Our product selection is great and we know just about everything there is to know about ice and its applications.

Ice storage bins, dispensers, water filters and accessories can all be found on the detail pages of each machine.

How much ice does one need?

IceandWine.com has put together a quick ice reference guide for your use.

Restaurants use 1.5 lbs. ice per customer or 5 lbs. per seat

Hotels use 5 lbs. ice per room

Home use is 6oz ice per 12 oz. drink and 10 oz. ice per 20 oz drink

Bars/Lounge use 3lbs. ice per customer

Ice Reference Guide