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Cube  Ice Machines

Production: 520 lbs/day
Ice: Cube
Price: $2,523
ICE520A - Ice-O-Matic 22
View ICE520A - Ice-O-Matic 22
Production: 562 lbs/day
Ice: Half Cube
Price: $2,804
CO530SA - Scotsman Prodigy - 562 lbs. Ice Maker
View CO530SA - Scotsman Prodigy - 562 lbs. Ice Maker Details
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These modular ice cube machines are the staple in any restaurant, bar, hotel, motel, convenience store, health-care facility, marina, office or home. They must be used with a proper storage bin or ice dispenser depending on how much ice you may need at any given time.

You have the option of air-cooled or water cooled depending on the temperature and also choose the style of cube such as full or half-cube before ordering.

Storage bins, dispensers, water filters and accessories can all be found on the detail pages of each machine.

How much ice does one need?

IceandWine.com has put together a quick ice reference guide for your use.

Restaurants use 1.5 lbs. ice per customer or 5 lbs. per seat

Hotels use 5 lbs. ice per room

Home use is 6oz ice per 12 oz. drink and 10 oz. ice per 20 oz drink

Bars/Lounge use 3lbs. ice per customer