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Owning a commercial refrigerator or commercial freezer in order to keep your perishable items fresh is an absolute necessity. Your customers demand it and your bottom line depends on it. Consider it an investment with tremendous payback. From the moment these perishable items are delivered, they need to be stored quickly and efficiently in order to keep them fresh.

The choice for refrigeration has many options such as reach-ins, walk-in coolers and commercial freezers for long term storage, commercial grade refrigerators and chillers for short term storage, prep area and counter top refrigeration for proper temperature monitoring and display, and finally refrigerated display cases to keep food cold and to showcase your items.

 IceandWine.com is proud to offer a very fine selection of commercial reach-in refrigerators and commercial freezers to meet your quality standards and your budget.   Stand-alone commercial freezers and refrigerators allow kitchen staff to keep products fresh and close to the action for immediate needs.

Preserve your perishable items the smart way by investing in a commercial freezer or commercial refrigerator from Iceandwine.com. We have a variety of options on offer from walk-in coolers to commercial grade chillers.