Better health for you and your equipment

  • Clear Water and Clear Ice
  • Better Ice = Better Tasting Drinks
  • Reduce Equipment Maintenance Costs

Home Water Filters

Water Filters

Serving clean and pure icestarts with filtered water. Please feel free to browse our water filters and cartridges for your ice machines, appliances and home. The water used to make ice should be as pure as the water you drink because that is exactly what you are doing when you put ice in your glass.

Did you know that adding a water filter to anyice machine will not only improve the ice quality and clarity, but will increase the performance and lifespan of each unit will be extended considerably.

The machines simply become more efficient and don't have to work as hard with filtered water. It is an easy installation and changing a filter takes less than one minute. It is a small investment with considerable payback.

Choose IceandWine.com for an ice machine water filter for pure ice and commercial water filters for pure water. Your family deserves the best appliances and we are always willing to provide them.