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Franklin Chef-44 Ibs Ice Machin

The FIM35 is a commercial quality
44 lbs ice maker with 25 lbs storage
and can be built-in or freestanding.

FranklinChef - 65lbs Ice Machine

The FIM70 is a commercial quality 65 lbs ice maker with 25 lbs storage and can be built-in or freestanding.

FFranklinChef - 83lbs Ice Machine

The FIM90 is a commercial quality 83 lbs ice maker with 35 lbs storage and can be built-in or freestanding.

FranklinChef - 110lb Ice Machine

The FIM120 is a commercial quality 110 lbs ice maker with 35 lbs torage and can be built-in or freestanding.
Price: $1099.00

A chilled drink with lots of ice is ideal for hot summer day. Use of ice cubes or crushed ice is common for drinks and if you require ice in lesser quantity, you can manage with refrigerator ice makers; but if you need large quantities of ice, refrigerator ice makers may not be convenient and economical. In such case, you can install an ice maker at your home or commercial place. One convenient type of ice maker is a portable ice maker.

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In portable ice makers you can do without a water line as it allows you to pour water in them. Portable ice makers are durable and also come in stainless steel finish. Though they make ice efficiently, you cannot keep the ice frozen. You can place them with ease anywhere and it will match your kitchen interior too. Portable ice makers can be used in home, restaurants, and offices. You can easily use portable icemakers for you ice requirements while going outdoors.

Franklin Chef Stainless Steel Icemaker

Franklin Chef icemakers offered at www.iceandwine.com are commercial quality ice makers. The highlighting features of these products are:

  • Icemaker at www.iceandwine.com produces hard, crystal clear ice
  • They come with computerized controls and automatic overfill prevention
  • These are easy to use and maintain
  • Franklin Chef ice makers have good ice producing capacity
  • These comply with the consumer safety standards like UL and NSF
  • All our products are quality guaranteed

See our Ice machines Catalog to know the features in detail.

Icemaker Maintenance Tips

Whether you buy commercial or residential ice makers, machine maintenance is essential to keep the ice maker intact and working for a longer period. You can follow some maintenance tips given below.

  • Empty the water tank and remove the electric plugs if the icemaker is not to be used
  • Clean the machine after every few months. Read the product manual given with machine to know the cleaning steps
  • Never put the ice maker in water or any other liquid
  • Do not use chemicals to clean the ice maker
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