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100016 - OPUS G7 51,000 BTU Propane Heat Lamp

Lava Heat - 100016



36 sq ft


(W) 22"x (D) 22"x (H) 80"

100 lbs

$ 1,199.00

$ 49.00

2 year parts and labor

The OPUS G7 is a 51,000 BTU Propane Commercial Flame Patio Heater from Lava Heat.  Don't be fooled by the imitations on the market, these are the original and has the warranty and safety record to prove it.   Great for restaurants, resorts, poolside, patio, outdoor dining or backyard.  The Opus has a fully-adjustable 3-foot flame encased in a shatter-proof Borosilicate glass tube and safely puts out an impressive 51,000 BTUs. The Borosilicate glass is a material similar to glass bakeware that withstands both extreme heat and cold.  This allows it to be used on the high setting for hours even during rain, hail or snow. The glass allows for 360° degrees of heat distribution in a 36 square foot radius, while the fire can be viewed from any angle.  Unlike a traditional seasonal patio heater the OPUS G7 can be utilized all year-long in the comfort of your outdoor environment.  

The Opus stands 6.5 ft tall and can be started with the one-button, "Easy-Start" infrared electric ignition located on the front of the unit or with a universal infrared remote which can be used to turn multiple units on at the same time.  The exterior is made up of “304 Grade” stainless steel construction making it the premium outdoor heater lasting for years of uninterrupted use and enjoyment.  There is a built-in safety tilt switch which shuts the unit off if it tilts or falls over.  The Opus G7 Natural Gas model can provide constant use and is also more energy efficient, making it 10% of the actual operational cost when compared to its propane counterpart. Lava Heat Italia also includes a 10 ft. natural gas quick-disconnect hose as a free added value. This unit comes fully assembled and requires two D batteries. The unit can be used for up to 14 hours with a 20 lb. propane tank. Your Opus can also be ordered with an optional wheel kit and a fitted protective cover. Available finishes: “304 Grade” Stainless Steel and Heritage Bronze

Please specify Propane or Natural Gas after ordering.

  • For year-round use
  • Based on the Lava 2G
  • 8 feet tall
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel construction
  • Heat- and shatter-resistant Borosilicate glass tube
  • 51,000 BTU heating power
  • Radiates heat 360° degrees
  • Runs on both propane and natural gas

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