Bagged Ice

Why you Should Consider Selling Bagged Ice

If there is any item one might sell in store or business, which will ensure a steady flow of valuable foot traffic, besides tobacco, it is selling bagged ice.  Bagged ice is an extremely sought after commodity year round.  The foot traffic provided from bagged ice sales only increases as summer approaches.  To compliment your bagged ice, there are many indoor and outdoor ice merchandisers to keep you ice frozen and on display to your customers.

While the profit of bagged is very high, the added benefit is when customers come in to buy bagged ice, they typically purchase other items such as soda, chips, sandwiches and other grocery items. In reverse, having ice on hand also allows those shopping for the other items to obtain the ice needed for their outing while at your business rather than being forced to go elsewhere.

Selling bagged ice can be an enormous benefit to your business almost all year round.  Here are some of the daily uses for bagged ice.

  • Family functions such as reunions
  • Social gatherings and birthday parties
  • Sporting events like youth baseball/football/t-ball
  • Days on the lake or nearby water park
  • Almost any event in which refreshments are present

People often purchase more than just one bag of ice in order to ice down beverages in coolers, as well as keep their grocery items such as meats, cheeses and mayonnaise cool. Bagged ice offers your business several opportunities to provide consumers with many needs not available had not been for your ice merchandisers being consistently stocked with already bagged ice.

So if you might be considering other methods of generating foot traffic into your establishment, think about purchasing one of the many affordable ice machines and baggers available for sale, or contact a nearby ice supplier who can ensure you have everything you need to begin selling bagged ice.  You will be pleasantly surprised from the foot traffic bagged ice provides to your store.

By Daniel Hirsch

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