Scotsman Ice Machines

Scotsman Ice Machines have been helping folks cool off and bringing smiles to their faces for quite some time. Their popular line of ice machines produce three of the most popular styles of ice in the country (Cube/Flake/Nugget).

That’s correct! Scotsman ice machines come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. From large commercial ice machines found in restaurants and arena concession stands, convenience stores, grocery stores, and the home.  Rarely can anyone find a hotel ice dispenser without a Scotsman ice machine resting on top.  Scotsman is also incredibly well known for their fan favorite – “Nug” ice nugget.

Just over 32 years ago, Scotsman ice machines company developed an almost odd shape/size ice bit they affectionately called “Nug” (short for nugget). Although they hadn’t realized it at the time, Scotsman ice machines, and the Nug, had just changed the way the world would forever feel about its ice. Extremely small, nugget shaped and unique in uniformity and condensed in nature, the Nug is as close a “chewable” ice chunk as any can ever get.

With marketing campaigns and promotions such as “Luv The Nug,” “Nug Finder” and “Follow the Nug Truck,” having Scotsman ice machines in your place of business will quickly create quite a buzz around your community and allow your business to be listed under “Find the Nug” locations that are consistently viewed across the nation.

Whether in your business or even in your home, Scotsman ice machines are all but impossible to help falling in love with. With a size, style and shape to fit any place on almost any budget, Scotsman ice machines are as affordable as they are versatile. Whether you choose a cube, flake or nugget machine, you are making a good choice with a Scotsman branded machine.

By Daniel Hirsch