Manitowoc Ice Machines

The Manitowoc Company, which produces the line of Manitowoc branded ice machines, is just simply not your ordinary “Food services, products and ice machines” type company by any means. While their very popular among businesses and restaurants for their ice dispensing fame and being the supplier for an enormous variety of food services and products. It might be what the Manitowoc Company first began building back in 1902 that leaves little room for debate as to the quality and durability of their products.

Being that the Manitowoc Company was founded along the waters of Manitowoc, Wisconsin all those years ago, it might seem odd to some that the company best known for making the number one selling ice machines across the nation, actually began as a ship building and repair company! No, not just any type of ship. Manitowoc Company was building and repairing huge steel Navy vessels and the like! It is of little wonder that the now famous Manitowoc ice machine might easily be considered the toughest, most durable ice machines ever produced.

However, not only are their ice machines amazingly durable, but because of the company’s long history and expertise in other areas of food preparation, Manitowoc ice machines also produce some of the best ice anyone might ever imagine! You will find most Manitowoc ice machines sitting on top of the iconic Coca-Cola and Pepsi brand’s soda dispensers

Now, you and your business or restaurant can have the same world known ice machines and their number one selling ice for you and your customer’s enjoyment! Imagine the smiles upon your customer’s faces each time they get the unique opportunity to fill up a glass with arguably the world’s greatest and oldest ice machine’s company ice, Manitowoc!

The name alone will give your establishment immediate recognition and the ice Manitowoc ice machines produce will bring your customers an immediate sense of pleasure and enjoyment! If you own a business and could use the notoriety and recognition that comes along with having a Manitowoc ice machine producing simply fabulous ice, then you should definitely consider giving one of the Manitowoc ice machines a try and see how extremely far they can take you!
By Daniel Hirsch