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You cannot compare a true ice maker with an ice maker in your refrigerator/freezer. Your freezer can produce 2-3 lbs of ice per day by pouring water in a mold and waiting for it to freeze and drop into the small storage bin. This can take hours with below average ice quality.

An ice maker is NOT a freezer. It is a complex machine where water cascades or is sprayed onto a cold ice mold called an evaporator which freezes the ice similar to how an icicle is formed. This process is usually completed in under 20 minutes which yields the first batch of clear fresh ice.

This method allows the impure water to runoff leaving only the purest water for the ice cube. The storage bin is insulated to keep your ice cold, but allows it to melt so new fresh ice can be produced over time. No more sticky ice with freezer burn.

Expect clean, clear and fresh tasting ice 24 hours a day. It is an ideal appliance for your kitchen, bar, recreational room, or vacation home. The typical compact ice makers have a capacity of about 50 lbs of ice production with 25 lbs of ice storage.

These compact ice makers can usually be placed anywhere, but be sure to check the ventilation since ice makers do require quite a bit of air-flow to expel the heat from the machine. These machines are very efficient as they use much less energy than a freezer and available in many styles to match your décor. offers a wide range of home ice makers that include a variety of features. Most can be built-in to a cabinet or left freestanding since the design and aesthetics are quite nice. Most are stainless steel with designs to match your other appliances.

By Daniel Hirsch

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