Ice is a necessity in foodservice businesses like hotels, restaurants, super markets with its primary use going to soft-drinks, and other drinks. If you need ice in larger quantity, you surely need an ice making machine also known as ice maker. There are various brands and types of ice makers are available in the market so it can be quite challenging to choose the best machine. Here are some factors which can help you select the proper ice maker.

Factors to keep in mind before you choose an ice makers:

  • Ice Maker size: Ice makers are available in various sizes. This refers to how
    much ice is produced in 24 hours. You should figure out your maximum daily needs and then find an ice maker with ice production to match. You need to also determine if you need all the ice production at once or throughout the day since ice is made constantly.
  • Ice type: Different ice makers produce different type of ice such as cubed ice, flake ice, nugget ice, crecent ice, bullet ice and cubelet ice. The different ice types are for different applications.
  •  Ice Bin size: For modular machines, you will need a storage bin for the ice. Size the bin according to your needs. If you need more ice at any given time, you should consider an ice storage bin larger than the ice maker.
  • Standards compliance: The ice maker you choose should comply with some quality standards like UL, NSF, ensure you will meet all heath codes and pass inspection.
  •  Price: The purchase price is another major factor to consider. You should certainly compare prices and features of the ice makers but also consider the reputation of where
    you are making the purchase.
  •  Warranty by manufacturer: Ice makers fail for a variety of reasons. The warranty should be considered in your purchase decision. It is helpful to ask about the manufacturers service locations.

These are just a few of the basic factors to consider before making an investment in an ice maker.

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By Daniel Hirsch

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